The stars flaunt their glow

The stars flaunt their glow and it leaves me wondering – what’s it like up there? Where time doesn’t exist and memories are painted pink? What’s it like where the music never fades and the dancing never stops? The moon laughs as the stars dance, but what we don’t realize is that she is all […]

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Somewhere, in a far away wrinkle of the universe, the planets dance and the stars grant wishes and the galaxy sings with its ethereal violins, effortless in its music making and picture painting. And in this perfect sanctuary of time and space, I dream of dancing and wishing and singing, of becoming,¬†as I breathe in […]

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As the night sky gleams

As the night sky gleams with speckled stars, I lay back, gazing into that vast eternity of time and space. The strong, nurturing earth supports me, comforting me, as trees rise up in my peripheral – giants to my small frame. The horizon stretches on, endless in its broken landscape – and all at once […]

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In this universe

In this universe, we are the stars. The glow of a new wish sparkles and gleams as we tumble through time, uncompromising in our desire for laughter and magic. We dance with the moon – sincere in our playfulness – yet our love for her song and her cool blue light propels us forward. The […]

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