I am wearing a mask.

I am wearing a mask. Did you know that? This persona hides me from you. Yes, I am a writer. I explore the world through feelings and emotions, through words. But I am also an actor. I write to experience something new. I create to help shape your world. I am not the person who […]

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on the edge of the universe

As I sit here, on the edge of the universe, with my feet dangling and my heart beating, time stands still. I glance over my shoulder and see the stars. These are familiar, full of laughter and music and love. Memories of comfort and warmth. I look forward and see this huge unknown, waiting for […]

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with a bolt of lightning

with a bolt of lightning and a crash of energy she vanishes – disappears without a trace, sizzling out into nothing – or is it sizzling into something that bursts with lightning and hot energy just waiting to say here I am, shimmering with the glow of a new morning

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The stars flaunt their glow

The stars flaunt their glow and it leaves me wondering – what’s it like up there? Where time doesn’t exist and memories are painted pink? What’s it like where the music never fades and the dancing never stops? The moon laughs as the stars dance, but what we don’t realize is that she is all […]

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Somewhere, in a far away wrinkle of the universe, the planets dance and the stars grant wishes and the galaxy sings with its ethereal violins, effortless in its music making and picture painting. And in this perfect sanctuary of time and space, I dream of dancing and wishing and singing, of becoming,¬†as I breathe in […]

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The music –

The music – it does not come.   This silence is maddening, deafening, as the ebb and flow of excited tongue-twisters races to take control of my pounding heart.   So I pause.   I am not one to give in so easily, so I embrace the silence and find the most beautiful song.

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