Billowing Clouds

Billowing clouds make a soft pillow for the dreamer.   Burning sunsets make a gorgeous canvas for the painter.   Shooting stars make a deep well for the wisher.  

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Somewhere, in a far away wrinkle of the universe, the planets dance and the stars grant wishes and the galaxy sings with its ethereal violins, effortless in its music making and picture painting. And in this perfect sanctuary of time and space, I dream of dancing and wishing and singing, of becoming,¬†as I breathe in […]

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The music –

The music – it does not come.   This silence is maddening, deafening, as the ebb and flow of excited tongue-twisters races to take control of my pounding heart.   So I pause.   I am not one to give in so easily, so I embrace the silence and find the most beautiful song.

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