I am wearing a mask.

I am wearing a mask. Did you know that? This persona hides me from you. Yes, I am a writer. I explore the world through feelings and emotions, through words. But I am also an actor. I write to experience something new. I create to help shape your world. I am not the person who […]

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on the edge of the universe

As I sit here, on the edge of the universe, with my feet dangling and my heart beating, time stands still. I glance over my shoulder and see the stars. These are familiar, full of laughter and music and love. Memories of comfort and warmth. I look forward and see this huge unknown, waiting for […]

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Somewhere, in a far away wrinkle of the universe, the planets dance and the stars grant wishes and the galaxy sings with its ethereal violins, effortless in its music making and picture painting. And in this perfect sanctuary of time and space, I dream of dancing and wishing and singing, of becoming, as I breathe in […]

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As the night sky gleams

As the night sky gleams with speckled stars, I lay back, gazing into that vast eternity of time and space. The strong, nurturing earth supports me, comforting me, as trees rise up in my peripheral – giants to my small frame. The horizon stretches on, endless in its broken landscape – and all at once […]

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In this universe

In this universe, we are the stars. The glow of a new wish sparkles and gleams as we tumble through time, uncompromising in our desire for laughter and magic. We dance with the moon – sincere in our playfulness – yet our love for her song and her cool blue light propels us forward. The […]

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This battle

This battle sounds quiet to you, but it screams at me. It feels soft to you, but it scrapes me raw. It seems cool to you, but it burns me – leaving messy scars on tender flesh, excruciating to the touch. But at the end of the day, this is my battle – not yours. I […]

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Two roads

Two roads diverged in the wood, and I took the one more traveled. At first, it seemed easy. Smooth paths full of fake company – stars full of bottled glow – made it easy. Conversation with the sky flowed as time passed in a haze, gradually getting steeper without my realizing it. But then as […]

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