Billowing Clouds

Billowing clouds make a soft pillow for the dreamer.   Burning sunsets make a gorgeous canvas for the painter.   Shooting stars make a deep well for the wisher.  

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As the night sky gleams

As the night sky gleams with speckled stars, I lay back, gazing into that vast eternity of time and space. The strong, nurturing earth supports me, comforting me, as trees rise up in my peripheral – giants to my small frame. The horizon stretches on, endless in its broken landscape – and all at once […]

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At first

At first I secretly hoped that you would be my sun – bright and shining, warm and inviting, my light in the darkness. And then I had a feeling that you would be my ocean – vast and endless, beautiful and mysterious, my guide through the storm. And now I always want you to be […]

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