The stars flaunt their glow

The stars flaunt their glow and it leaves me wondering – what’s it like up there? Where time doesn’t exist and memories are painted pink? What’s it like where the music never fades and the dancing never stops? The moon laughs as the stars dance, but what we don’t realize is that she is all […]

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The music –

The music – it does not come.   This silence is maddening, deafening, as the ebb and flow of excited tongue-twisters races to take control of my pounding heart.   So I pause.   I am not one to give in so easily, so I embrace the silence and find the most beautiful song.

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This battle

This battle sounds quiet to you, but it screams at me. It feels soft to you, but it scrapes me raw. It seems cool to you, but it burns me – leaving messy scars on tender flesh, excruciating to the touch. But at the end of the day, this is my battle –┬ánot yours. I […]

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Time stands still.

Time stands still. The galaxy swirls around me, somehow pulling me towards the stars and expanding the universe at the same time. Echoes of something lost – or was it something hidden? – flash before me, tugging at the concealed reaches of my mind, trying to hear the music. Trying to get in. Why is […]

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