I am wearing a mask.

I am wearing a mask. Did you know that? This persona hides me from you. Yes, I am a writer. I explore the world through feelings and emotions, through words. But I am also an actor. I write to experience something new. I create to help shape your world. I am not the person who […]

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The eternal question

You see, there is this eternal question. Here I am – standing on the edge of the universe – this familiar place of choice and doubt. Looking ahead there is unknown – this great orb of all-consuming love and paralyzing fear, a future simultaneously beckoning me towards it and pushing me away. Looking behind there […]

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on the edge of the universe

As I sit here, on the edge of the universe, with my feet dangling and my heart beating, time stands still. I glance over my shoulder and see the stars. These are familiar, full of laughter and music and love. Memories of comfort and warmth. I look forward and see this huge unknown, waiting for […]

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