This battle

This battle sounds quiet to you, but it screams at me.

It feels soft to you, but it scrapes me raw.

It seems cool to you, but it burns me – leaving messy scars on tender flesh, excruciating to the touch.

But at the end of the day, this is my battle – not yours.

I fight the screams and the scrapes, the burns and the tears – praying that maybe this battle will make me stronger.

And as the fire of war rages within, so does a tiny spark of hope.


11 thoughts on “This battle

  1. I love how you integrated the Inception theme song into this post. It’s such a beautiful and captivating piece and ties in wonderfully to how you don’t know from a look what is happening inside someone’s head and dreams – how loud and multifaceted their fight may actually be.

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  2. …for the scars on tender flesh is only for a little while
    And the screams in my head will get to rest.
    For when the final whistle blows, the night will flow….into a messy state of the new day’s glow….

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